You may have customers in one country or in countries with different languages, legislation, economic situations or debtor behaviour. We have over 800 professionals in 15 countries to handle fast, efficient and ethical collection services.

With over 14 years of experience in the distressed-debt recovery industry, we’ve learnt how best to deal with clients and debtors in a fair manner.

We serve leading financial institutions such as banks, insurance, leasing, telecommunication, utility and other companies, both national and international.

Our performance

  • 300 call centres and recovery specialists in the region
  • Over 500,000 loans under management
  • Serving more than 100 clients: banks, insurance, leasing, telco, utility and other
  • Industry leading collection software and infrastructure

Managing more than 500,000 corporate and retail debt across CEE and SEE, our experienced managerial team aims to find the most advantageous outcome for each case.

Corporate Debt Recovery

Our specialised corporate recovery teams have the experience to manage both secured and unsecured distressed debts. We can handle performing loans as well as non-performing loans of various ages. Our speciality is handling distressed debts with real estate collateral assets.

In certain situations we use restructuring as a complementary tool that allows us to maximise benefits for all participants in the transaction.

Retail Debt Recovery

Distressed debts are burdensome for individuals and their communities alike. We help debtors get out of debt by building and planning individual payment schedules and supporting them in this endeavour, so they can build lives debt free.

We are determined to help debtors create individual payment schedules and provide assistance in order to avoid forced execution of their property.

However, if all our efforts to find a solution fail, we are ready to implement the necessary legal collection mechanisms. APS works either in cooperation with specialised law firms, or provides its own legal collection services. Our highly developed processes allow for the shortest legal procedures possible and lead to smooth recovery in executions, bankruptcies, insolvencies, etc.