Operating in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as a real estate portfolio valuator, manager, investor and advisor.

We focus on the acquisition and management of attractive investment opportunities to achieve fair returns on balanced risk.

In addition to valuation, legal and technical advisory and other related services, we provide complete investment risk assessment and property management including servicing, consultations and client representation.

We manage projects based on our understanding of the local markets, type of property (residential, commercial, retail, etc.) and with regard to the legal or other status (bankruptcy, defaulted loans, performing asset etc.). Our aim is to create valuable and widely attractive projects balanced by reasonable profits.

Our Investment Strategy

Identify Opportunity

With 82 distressed-debt portfolios under our advisory, our team of international experts have the experience and know-how to set realistic valuations, manage properties for maximum profit and execute successful exit strategies.

Increase & Manage Property Value

The investor defines the investment parameters, which are then implemented into our valuation and financial models.

Our 14 years of experience in the industry, plus our strong relationships with local and international co-financiers, allows us to quickly mobilise investment capital to launch projects for development.

Whether the project is a brownfield, a B office building, a logistics centre or a residential project, our international team aims for quick results.

Successful Exit

At APS, we pride ourselves on our ability to align with our client’s strategies to deliver the best results and lead our projects until the final stage.

Our wide-reaching network of both local and international partners helps streamline the process to find the right buyer in the shortest amount of time.

Advisory Services

We also specialise in project management, project development and viability assessment and are able to provide complete investment strategy analysis in all countries across Europe where APS is active.

  • Purchase valuation, restructuring and sale of real estate assets

    Our team is ready to assist during any phase of a real estate project. We provide valuation services as well as help with restructuring, property management and the sale of real estate assets.

  • Portfolio structuring and optimisation

    By applying a proven and refined process for structuring and optimizing portfolios, we help increase efficiency on our way to getting the desired results.

  • Development, viability assessment and investment strategy analysis

    We perform the necessary due diligence, valuations and analysis services to identify the risks and issues that need to be addressed before an investment decision is made. We’re ready to analyse, plan and manage services for assets such as land plots, offices, hotels, shopping centres and residential complexes.

  • Financing assistance

    Our strong relationships with local and international co-financiers allow us to mobilise investment capital to launch projects for development.

  • Property management, including servicing, consultations and client representation

    Our property management services include administration, operation, control, and oversight of real estate assets.