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APS Management Team
and Board of Directors

  • Martin Machoň; APS Holding

    Martin Machoň; APS Holding

    Member of APS Board of Directors, CEO and Co-Founder

    Short Bio

    Chairman of the Board and CEO of APS Holding. Martin founded APS Group in 2004 together with Slavia Capital, a regional investment banking boutique. He is responsible for overall strategy and direction of APS Holding and its businesses. He has more than 13 years of experience with distressed debt management, investment and advisory and has overseen APS Holding’s businesses from its very beginning.
    In 2015, he executed an MBO of APS Holding from Slavia Capital and is currently the sole owner of APS Holding. Mr Machon earned his MBA degree at Rochester University of New York.


  • Antonín Pfleger; APS Holding

    Antonín Pfleger; APS Holding


    Short Bio

    Member of the Board and COO, Antonín has 13 years of experience in financial management, operations, internal and external audit, consolidation, treasury and project management. Prior to joining APS, Antonín worked for 5 years at EY. He graduated of the Czech Technical University in Prague and has international FCCA certification.

  • Victor Angelescu; APS Recovery

    Victor Angelescu; APS Recovery

    Member of APS Board of Directors, SEE Chief Regional Officer

    Short Bio

    With over ten years’ experience in debt collection, Victor Angelescu is responsible for the development of APS Holding’s operations in the Southeast European countries. Prior to joining APS Romania in April 2009, whose activity he coordinated as General Manager until September 2016, Victor held management positions in Eurobank EFG and ProfiCredit IFN. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of “Nicolae Titulescu” University in Bucharest in 2010.

  • Zuzana Burmakinová; APS Recovery

    Zuzana Burmakinová; APS Recovery

    Member of APS Board of Directors, CEE Chief Regional Officer; Country Manager, Czech Republic & Slovakia

    Short Bio

    Zuzana has more than 9 years of experience in financial services, including consumer finance and retail business. Zuzana is responsible for the development of APS Holding’s operations in the Central European countries. Prior to joining APS, Zuzana was the COO at an international collections company with business in Russia and Ukraine. Zuzana obtained a PhDr. from the Faculty of Political Sciences & International Affairs of Matej Bel University.

  • Viktor Levkanič; APS Investments

    Viktor Levkanič; APS Investments

    Executive, Chief Investment Officer

    Short Bio

    Viktor has more than 18 years of experience in private equity, investment banking and distressed debt in CEE and SEE. He has worked with Martin Machoň, APS Group CEO, in various capacities since APS Holding’s inception in 2004. Viktor was previously head of Slavia Capital’s Investment Banking and distressed debt activities in the region.
    He formally joined APS Group from Slavia Capital, APS’s then majority owner, in 2012. He earned a Master’s Degree in International Finance from the University of Economics, Bratislava, diplomas from finance and economics courses with Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Charles University in Prague and Georgetown University.

  • Pavel Rozsypal; APS Investments

    Pavel Rozsypal; APS Investments

    Executive, Chief Fund Management Officer

    Short Bio

    Pavel spent 15 years as Director managing private equity and M&A transactions in EPIC and SFINCS. He was engaged with Lone Star Funds in the first large NPL transaction in the Czech Republic. In the 1990s, he started his career at the Ministry of Economic Policy and Development of the Czech Republic acting as Director of the Department for Foreign Affairs before entering the Ministry of Economy as Director of the Centre for Foreign Assistance. Prior to joining APS he served as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the OECD in Paris.

  • Petér Horváth; APS Real Estate

    Petér Horváth; APS Real Estate

    Chief Real Estate Asset Management Officer

    Short Bio

    Péter is the Real Estate Asset Management Director for APS Holding. He has spent more than 20 years in real estate management and advisory business at numerous real estate investors, developers , international agents and banks participating in major real estate transactions and restructuring in the CEE. He has both economic and technical background and bearing with the membership of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) since more than 10 years. Petér is responsible for the structured and transparent real estate management of APS Holding.

  • Tomáš Chloupek; APS Real Estate

    Tomáš Chloupek; APS Real Estate

    Member of APS Board of Directors

    Short Bio

    With over 15 years of experience in NPL collections and commercial banking, Tomáš has been responsible for developing and expanding APS’s business from its inception. Prior to joining APS, Tomáš worked in the Collections Department of Komercni Banka. He graduated in Law from Charles University in Prague.

  • Dimitrinka Grinko; APS Bulgaria

    Dimitrinka Grinko; APS Bulgaria

    Country Manager, Bulgaria

    Short Bio

    Dimitrinka is a seasoned professional with solid experience in debt collection, telemarketing and outsourcing. She has managed the local subsidiaries of ICAP and Alpha Call where she designed and deployed end-to-end processes as well as built the teams from scratch.
    Dimitrinka is a long-time member in a number of reputable business organizations in Bulgaria,. Her professionalism has been recognized by the local business community whereby she was awarded as a: Business leader of the year 2014, Entrepreneur of the year 2015, Young Manager of 2015.
    Dimitrinka holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from University of National and World Economy and a Masters in Management and Finance Controlling from Academy of Economics in Bulgaria.

  • Elena Badescu; APS Croatia

    Elena Badescu; APS Croatia

    Country Manager, Croatia

    Short Bio

    Elena is part of APS since 2013, when she joined the Corporate Recovery team as Case Manager. After delivering great results she was promoted to the Area Manager position, and starting January 2017 she was named the new Director of all Corporate Recovery departments of APS Romania.
    She graduated the Public Administration specialisation at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest and she gathered a professional experience of over 11 years in the debt recovery industry by working, besides APS Romania, in companies like Telekom and Raiffeisen Bank.

  • Kiki Papadopoulou; APS Cyprus

    Kiki Papadopoulou; APS Cyprus

    Country Manager, Cyprus

    Short Bio

    Kiki Papadopoulou graduated from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom with a Master’s degree in Engineering and Management Studies. She is a Chartered Accountant and a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.
    Kiki started her professional career at Deloitte & Touche in London and  subsequently worked for sixteen years in Bank of Cyprus, where she held various managerial positions, moving to Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited in 2015 as the Group General Manager of the Business Division.
    Between April 2016 till June 2017, Kiki held the position of a General Manager of the Arrears Management Division of the Bank.


  • George Neofytides; APS Greece

    George Neofytides; APS Greece

    Country Manager, Greece

    Short Bio

    Since joining APS, George is responsible for the operations and development of ‘APS Recovery Greece’. Following his MSc in Accounting & Finance from the University of Birmingham, he started working in the banking sector both in the UK and Greece. George has over 20 years experience in banking and has served in credit and strategy positions in BCL (London), Bank of Cyprus (Greece) and Eurobank (Greece).
    Since the Greek economic turmoil in 2009, George got heavily involved in corporate and retail loans restructuring, together with business rationalisation of the bank’s international portfolio.

  • Márton Perjési; APS Hungary

    Márton Perjési; APS Hungary

    Country Manager, Hungary

    Short Bio

    Since joining APS Marton is responsible for the operation and development of APS Hungary. Marton has over 9 years of experience in corporate and retail workout since after his trainee lawyer period he worked for Raiffeisen Group at both Leasing and Bank side and then held different managerial positions at CIB Bank Hungary and other Intesa Sanpaolo subsidiaries. Marton gained MSc in Law at  Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and had his BAR exam with excellent proficiency.

  • Przemysław Kwaśniewski; APS Poland

    Przemysław Kwaśniewski; APS Poland

    Country Manager, Poland

    Short Bio

    Operations and IT Manager, APS Holding Przemek is responsible for Operations and IT within APS. Przemysław looks to streamline process optimisation, improve IT structure and increase of actions.
    Przemysław has more than 11 years experience in the collections area first gained at IPT Inkaso Agency, BKK Wierzytelności, Eurobank S.A. and Ultimo S.A. Przemysław graduated at International Relations and English at the University of Wrocław.

  • Robert Machidon; APS Romania

    Robert Machidon; APS Romania

    Country Manager, Romania

    Short Bio

    Robert joined APS Romania in 2008 working his way through the company from the ground up.
    As a graduate of the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest, he specialised in Public Administration during a Master’s degree program at the Police Academy in Bucharest.

  • Miloš Tanko; APS Serbia

    Miloš Tanko; APS Serbia

    Country Manager, Serbia

    Short Bio

    Miloš is managing the project of expanding APS in Serbia and heading sales in Serbia and Montenegro. Miloš has over 11 years experience in real estate and construction. Prior to joining APS, he was a director of operations in private construction and real estate development company and consultant for foreign investors looking for opportunities in Serbia and Montenegro.
    Miloš gained BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA.